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First Lines: Pet Sematary

What if your cat gets killed in the road, and you decide to bury it in an old and Indian (Native American if you’re so inclined) burial ground. What if it returns the next day, almost brand spanking new but totally different just the same? What if it wasn’t your cat, but your kid? That’s… Read more »

First lines: Duma Key

Without a doubt, Duma Key is one of Stephen King’s finest works. In his oeuvre, it can be placed somewhere between Rita Haywood and the Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile. Sure, there’s some spooky stuff, but like Shawshank and Mile, it’s first and foremost about the people. Highly recommended. Book read Stephen King —… Read more »

First Lines: Rose Madder

Bookstores are literally littered with books. Finding a book to read within such confines requires some sort of approach. There is one theory by Marshall McLuhan (he of “the medium is the message” fame) that says you should take a book, turn to page 69 and read it. If you like that page, take the… Read more »

First Lines: Christine

Last month, I spend quite a lot of time in bed with Christine. The book, that is. I know, bad joke. Sorry. One would suspect that Christine is one of King’s more well known works . A quick, non-representative poll (name tree books and/or movies by Stephen King) didn’t support that theory. It, Carrie, The… Read more »

First Lines: Blaze

Richard Bachman died in 1985 of cancer of the pseudonym, shortly after releasing his novel Thinner. In 1995, another book was unearthed, a novel called The Regulators, which had remarkable similarities to Desperation by Stephen King, that was released at the same time. Now, in 2007, another one of Bachman’s early novels has resurfaced. Blaze… Read more »