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Seen Live: Carpe Noctem

Almost exactly a month ago, on a sunday, I went all the way halfway across the world to Rijen, Brabandt* to see an amateur production of my favorite musical, Tanz der Vampire. It was being performed by Theatergroep NoNonsense, called Carpe Noctem – Pluk de nacht and it was quite awesome. A few years ago,… Read more »

Told You So

Remember when I said that I became a star on Finnish television? Told you so. If you need me, I’ll be in the hot air room inflating my ego.

Vampyyrien Tansi

Last year I found out that my favorite kind of vampires—the not-sparkling, dancing, musical kind—would be visiting a town called Seinäjoki, Finland. So I did what any sane person should do: I got busy and started making plans. Eventually other people were convinced that going would be a good idea, so a date was picked,… Read more »