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First lines: Pyramids

Pyramids, the seventh Discworld novel (and, coincidentally, the seventh Discworld novel I’ve read), deals with pyramids that distort (what goes on) for normality on the Discworld, a prince trained to be an assassin who inherits the throne, a mysterious High Priest who detests change and the greatest mathematician in the world, who happens to be… Read more »

First lines: Equal Rites

Equal Rites (the third Discworld novel) deals with magic, witches and wizards. And why men can’t be witches and woman can’t be wizards. And more of that. The first two Discworld novels I read were the first two Discworld novels. This third one (the sixth I read, despite what I claimed earlier) gets things right… Read more »

First lines: Small Gods

Of the six Discworld novels I’ve read so far, Small Gods the best. No contest. It pokes at religion, and while doing so, it comes up with some clever and funny observations, and asks some interesting (if not philosophical) questions. Like, what if, in a world where the power of  a god is proportional to… Read more »

First lines: Soul Music

Maybe I’m a bit prejudiced here—just take a look at that cover, add to that some nuggets like one out of three ain’t bad and I remember everything. […] Every little detail. As if it happened only yesterday. and top it of with a motorcycle crashing after seeing that sudden curve way too late ¹—but… Read more »

First lines: Hogfather

So: Pratchett, Discworld, Hogfather. When reading the first two Discworld (1, 2) novels in order wasn’t exactly working out for me—and I was told that the first few weren’t all that to begin with—I took a random plunge in the middle of the proverbial pool. As much as I think I like this book, I’m… Read more »