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Point Blank

I’m an album person. As in, I usually listen to albums from beginning to end. They’re in that order for a reason, right? Yesterday, Bruce Springsteen’s The River came up on my mp3-player. Which is one of the few Springsteen albums that doesn’t work for me. And not in a Human Touch/Lucky Town/Ghost of Tom… Read more »

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…and for my sixtieth birthday…

Some people say that if a song holds up when it’s played on just an acoustic guitar, it’s a good song. I guess that “Dancing in the Dark” is one hell of a song then. Uni and her Ukelele — Dancing in the Dark Happy birthday, mr. Springsteen.

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41 Shots? Get out!

On July 12th, 2009, Bruce Springsteen & his mighty fine E Street Band performed the song American Skin (41 Shots) for the first time since October 2003, and for the very first time outside of the US. It was one of my highlights from that show. Last night I noticed a recording of that show,… Read more »

Where’s Willie?

Okay, time for a little game. See if you can find Waldo in the image below. And when I say Waldo, of course I mean me. / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 (This photo was taken at the RDS Arena in Dublin. Even more people showed up later.)

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