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Paul O’Neill

Paul O’Neill, songwriter and producer for Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Savatage, has died. And even through I have bitched a bit here and there about TSO swallowing up my first-ever favorite band, this blows. O’Neill helped make Savatage what they were (theatrical, symphonical, over-the-top-rock-opera-metal awesomeness), he co-wrote all music and wrote most of the words, and… Read more »

Seen Live: Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Well, screw it. I’m completely over Trans-Siberian Orchestra swallowing up Savatage whole. If they keep playing shows like the one they did in Amsterdam on January 18th — I can live with that. There’s a simple explanation for that: it was awesome. Yes, sure, it had little to do with a Savatage show (apart for… Read more »

Seen Live: Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Last night was the 184th anniversary of Ludwig Van Beethoven’s death. It was also the first time the Trans-Siberian Orchestra played in The Netherlands. And, of course, they played their first non-Christmas rock opera Beethoven’s Last Night. What can I say? It went all the way over the top. From the lights and lasers, to… Read more »

Like I said I might

The second band I totally fell for was Savatage. I picked up their then current compilation album From the Gutter to the Stage, and their blend of theatrical metal and symphonic rock totally blew me away. In a short time, I picked up all their albums, and being the total idiot I am, I just… Read more »