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Seen Live: Three Free Gigs

Yeah yeah yeah. I know we’ve been here before: I intend to write some more stuff for my website, and then nothing happens, stuff keeps piling up, and in the end, all I’ve written in a year are a bunch book and gig reviews, and I am not even getting those done at the moment…. Read more »

30 Day Song Challenge #15

Day 15: a song you like that’s a cover by another artist. As the great philosopher Jon Bon Jovi once said, “Whoa, we’re halfway there.” Wende — Au suivant (Jacques Brel cover) I like me some covers. Whether they’re stripped down acoustic versions of hiphop tunes I would usually ignore, plain gorgeous takes on songs… Read more »

Seen Live: Wende

According to her website, Wende‘s “Last Resistance-The Theatre Sessions” is a cinematic theatre concert in which the worlds of theatre, pop and electronic music melt together. It is about the resistance to letting go of old truths and embracing the unknown and the desire to surrender and to confront emotions and challenges head on. In… Read more »

Seen Live: Wende

Without me noticing it—on account of me not keeping track—Wende shot to the third place in my top whatever of acts that I’ve seen live, behind a balladeer (in all it’s incarnations) and BLØF. Thursday I saw her for the sixteenth time, this time in Zwolle’s IJsselhallen, on account of Hedon being closed for renovation…. Read more »

Seen live: Wende

Like many people, I came to know Wende Snijders as “that blonde girl in the red dress that sings French chansons.” (Please note the lack of red dresses behind that link.) Her last album, № 9, went off in another direction. Gone were the red dress and the chansons, and we got her own, English,… Read more »